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A bit of a round up for you…

Our friends at DRN have some unseen pictures from this year’s amazing Dennys Ilic shoot, and they can be admired…  here | here | here  …especially by people who have missed seeing his feet, since Equus closed. 

The lovely people at People’s Choice Awards e-mailed to let us know that the People’s Choice Awards are open for voting, and in the category of Favourite On-Screen team, we find Harry and his two equal and supportive best friends.  They have linked me to a Widget, which I am going to attempt to include in this post, so stand back… if it doesn’t work, you can always use the normal votey link up there *points up*…

[Don't think I wasn't proud of the widget, but I have put it behind the very good site 'read more', because it was doing very unfortunate things to the rest of the page!! ]


This is my choice for:
Favorite On-Screen Team
Harry Potter and
the Half-Blood Prince

Thank you to Tracey, Samara, Jeannine, Frenchi and Star for e-mailing. 

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