Birthday Project Update

We know, you have been on tenterhooks1 waiting for the final total on viagra shop the Demelza House Birthday Collection.

And then there were all the fabulous Words you submitted, for the birthday project.

The Project was on the same sever as the propecia pills late lamented Forum, and were both wiped out.


So, while Jenna apologises for not having the new Forum in place, yet – she is working on it – she has the following treat for us, courtesy of the talented Juliet, the sites graphic designer, depicting the amount raised for Demelza House for Dan’s birthday along with a summary of the birthday project definitions that people sent in.

Birthday Project

Also, consider this a pre-warning that Jenna will be organising a general Demelza fund-raiser for Christmas soon, with our traditional fan messages.

1tenterhooks (OK, that has nothing to do with the post, I just used the expression and discount viagra viagra had no idea where it came from, and felt I needed to buy levitra now look it up, and then felt I needed to share…)

UPDATE : Jenna just raised a finely sculpted eyebrow and reminded me to let you know that Dan was very appreciative of the amount raised for Demelza House – he was kept up to date at the New York premiere for HBP, before final totals were even… totalled…

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