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I am sure that Jenna and wow)) our Americans – if not our Australians – will forgive me for a bit of a flailing paean to the England cricket team, today.

Today, at the Brit Oval, they defeated Australia by 197 runs, to take the series 2-1 and regain the Ashes, with the golden Stuart Broad being named as Man of the Match for his transformative 5-37 on Friday afternoon.

There is no more important achievement in life sport than winning the Ashes, and the approval cialis fda 2009 series has been as full of great joys and great heartbreaks as any Ashes series – bar 2006-07, of course, of which we will not speak, and where joy was strictly confined.

As we all know, and as we all heard, earlier today, Dan Radcliffe is as full of flailing cricketing joy and heartbreak and statistics as we could possibly hope for in our wildest dreams, and I am quite sure that he is incandescent with happiness, this afternoon.

And, as the eagle eared Danilo has reminded us, when Dan was asked for a series forecast by BBC Radio at the beginning of this summer, his prediction was a 2-1 victory for England!

You can hear his well informed hopes and fears here.

No, I know this picture is of the Middlesex Twenty20 celebrations, last season – I’ve had my Middlesex shirt on for four days – but it’s our ‘Dan cricket celebration’ picture.

UPDATE : I think you would probably like to see this picture that Tom Felton just Tweeted.

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