New York HBP Premiere Video Clips

I believe Jenna still intends on posting a write-up of our red carpet experience at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in New York City earlier this month, but seeing she has major issues with her computer right now, we thought it would be best to go ahead and post our video clips from the event now. There is nothing very consequential in any of them, unfortunately, as we were standing towards the end of the line, before the artists reached the actual theatre where the screening of the movie was being held, so by the time they got to best viagra us they were in a bit of best viagra prices a rush and not even Jenna’s request of a quick card trick could keep Dan in place for us. She later spoke to him again in the lobby of the theatre, and apparently he was thrilled when she told him about the very successful sale of the autographed Equus caricature  for the Demelza House fundraiser. He also promised another interview at a later time.  

DanEmmaRupert, Tom and Bonnie   

Hear the camera clicking away at top speed? That was yours truly!

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