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While Jenna and best generic cialis sites Coralie dry out – wait, no, that’s me… while Jenna and Coralie sun themselves and sort out New York, here are a few more treats from London.

First of all, we have a gallery of the wonderful Nick’s photographs – seriously, if you ever want to cling to a total stranger in a hailstorm, I reccomend Nick – he is tall and brings his own umbrella… and his Exclusive photographs are now posted, here.

Then we have a couple of short videos. They are of Dan’s back. Now, I know what you’re thinking – he has a lovely back, but is it worth posting? Well, from where Nick and I were standing, watching Dan signing autographs… well, those fans had queued overnight to be there – I’m sure they’d love video footage of Dan signing their books!

So. Nick’s video, My video (WMV, 7MB).

And, while I have your attention… a couple of junket interviews… thank you Thess, for the link to this Swedish TV clip; a wonderful T4 clip has made it onto YouTube – see Dan fail at teenage popular culture knowledge; and this is follow link ETonline and may be New York junket, but Dan talks about relationships and not even being allowed at the studio while Rupert and Emma filmed the kiss, so I’m gonna snag it and viagra profesional link it here.

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