HBP Premiere – Participate!

As you know the New York premiere for Half-Blood Prince is coming up very, very shortly. Lauren and http://www.perich.com/cialis-daily-dosing-cost Nick are already attending the London one today on behalf of Dr.com so we will have some goodies from them soon enough. Coralie and I will be attending the NYC premiere on Thursday.

I wanted to buy viagra cialis levitra give all of you the opportunity to contribute, even if it is in some small way, to the event. At this time, if you have any burning questions you would like to ask any of the attending cast or crew for the film please Tweet them to me and I will assemble and sort a list. I will pick the best from the www.wicomicohumane.org bunch to present to each of them and mention the fan who tweeted it in. (Don’t forget to tweet in your words for Dan’s B-day project, or send in your Demelza donations too!)

Tweet Me the Questions Now!

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