*Updated* Exclusive Video & First Photos of HBP London Premiere

Did you see television coverage of no rx cialis the London premiere this afternoon?

Two hours of driving rain and viagria thunderstorms and HAILSTONES!

Nick and I got very, very, very wet.


Luckily, my video camera is waterproof.

Unluckily, we didn’t get very long with any of the cast, because of the… rain and thunder and HAILSTONES!

Here is a video clip of Dan answering questions for the people on either side of me… SendSpace Link.

And here is me getting to ask my question… I should explain that between Dan’s two remarks, I… um… point at myself… SendSpace Link.

I was so cold and wet that my clothes were still wet and I was still shivering, five hours later, when I got home!

But it was worth it.

Nick’s photographs will be with you soon. Jenna also said to tell you that she will be tweeting updates starting tomorrow about various things going on levitra 20mg side effects surrounding the premiere so keep an eye out on our Dr.com Twitter account for quick bursts of news and happenings.

*Update* You can see Nick’s first exclusive photos here:

Dan 1Dan 2Dan 3

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