New Interview with Dan Radcliffe in NZ Herald

You will find a long and levitra prescription on line highly enjoyable new interview with Dan in the New Zealand Herald, in which our favorite thespian discusses acting, Harry’s character and a whole slew of different topics with his usual aplomb:

“I’m probably more comfortable with my own company than Harry is,” he admits. “I’m kind of okay to be alone and don’t mind it. I’ve grown up with the cialis online pharmacy canada support network of my parents, so I don’t feel I’m ever properly on my own. There are people I can always talk to and Harry doesn’t have that. That’s why he feeds so much off the energy of his friends. When he’s alone and having to face up to his own isolation it’s even more terrifying for him.”

One thing he shares with his character though is his rise to fame and becoming a target. “I find it very easy playing Harry when he’s dealing with the attention he gets. I can relate to viagra soft tabs overnight delivery that, more than I can to death or being an orphan, because I have no experience of either of those. Though I’ve played an orphan three times now “


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