New Interview with Dan in the Sydney Morning Herald

There is buy zetia uk a delightful new interview with Dan in the Sydney Morning Herald, and you can read it here. The lovely photo is, of course, by Dennys Ilic.

“But he does think the new Potter has the darkest moments of any of suppliers of viagra in uk the films. He prefers intensity himself, which seems surprising in someone who turns press conferences into stand-up routines. “Yes but that’s nervous ‘I’d better start making jokes’ mode,” he says, frankly. “That’s a default setting for me. Also that’s an actors’ thing. I’m not saying all actors are attention-seekers but I certainly am. So when you’ve got all that attention, I suppose it goes to your head.” With which he is already smiling ironically; Daniel Radcliffe looks as if he has never let anything go to his head in his life.”

Enjoy, and many thanks to Barbara for the tip!

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