News Round-Up

Oh, my giddy aunt, I’m behind… let me pop together a bit of a news round-up.

It’ll give you something to do while Jenna gets the birthday stuff ready…

  • There are some lovely pictures from today’s filming, Here.
  • Also, at London Taxi Tours, Here.
  • The lovely people over at Magical Menagerie have proper scans up of the Parade interview, and they can be seen Here.
  • There is a really lovely interview with Dan in the Scottish Sunday Mail, which is on their website, Here.
  • There was a fabulous Half-Blood Prince BTS feature on buy tramadol online aramex the wow it's great French programme 50 Minutes, and UHP captured it and how can i buy cialis in canada you can watch it Here – I warn you, there is extra, unseen footage, for those of you trying to avoid any more spoilers!
  • And … there are new scans and pics of Dan from Tu Chile, XL Semanal and TV Taro thanks to our friends over at SnitchSeeker. Tu Chile | TV Taro 1 | TV Taro 2 XL Semanal 1 | XL Semanal 2
  • UPDATE : I have gathered together some of the photos from yesterday’s filming that have appeared overnight, and popped them into an album, which can be seen Here.

Many thanks to Tracey, Megan, SnitchSeeker, Jain, UHP – and Jenna for poking me to make this post!

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