UPDATE : More New Scans and when will cialis be available as a generic Pics of Daniel Radcliffe


cinepremiere7thumb.jpgThere are two new pics/scans of buy viagra online australia Daniel in Cine Premiere and Film Magazine . One is from the shoot with Dennys Ilic and the other is a close-up of Daniel as Harry from HBP.

Scan of Cine Premiere

Scan of Film Magazine

Thanks very much to Trace and Snitchseeker for the heads up and scans!

UPDATE : so many thanks to united pharmacy cialis Ster for scans from August’s Empire magazine… of what must be the best Dan interview, yet… the journalist includes all of Dan’s random asides and little thoughts and absolutely captures him in print…

Empire 1 | Empire 2 | Empire 3 | Empire 4 | Empire 5 | Empire 6

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