Australia's Herald Sun Prints HBP Article with Quotes from Dan
Daniel Radcliffe Talks Potter Tunes

Teens Magazine Cover Photo of Dan

by ClaireJun 19, 2009

Many thanks to Kai Ling, the assistant editor of Teens magazine, for sending us a copy of the double cover of their July “Dreamy Daniel” issue, featuring yet another stunning new photo taken by the fabulous Dennys Ilic.

Kai Ling was also kind enough to forward information on how to order the magazine, and you will find those details by clicking on ‘Read more’.

Thanks for posting the link of my magazine together with the photo of Dennys Ilic on 17 June. I was reading the comments made to that post and realised that a few of your readers were interested in buying my magazine but do not know where to get it apart from ebay, which they were hesitant.

Apart from that, we also did received a few enquiries from US fans of Dan Radcliffe on their interest on buying teens mag with Dan Radcliffe on the cover. Usually Teens magazine is primarily a locally distributed publication, but due to this high volume of overseas interest this time round, we are willing to sell copies of our magazine overseas as a gesture of goodwill.

Cost of postage will have to be absorbed by the buyer. Here are the different rates:

By Normal Mail (8working days)

S$10.50 + S$3(magazine) = S$13.50

By Registered Mail (8working days)

S$10.50 + S$3(magazine) + S$2.20(registered fee) = S$15.70

By DHL (2working days)

S$29.66 + S$3 magazine = S$32.66

Please note that all the figures given above are in Singapore Dollars and will be subjected to the bank’s prevailing exchange rates with the USD. We accept all major credit cards but unfortunately, no debit cards.

I Hope this information will come in useful to your members.

Ong Kai Ling

Assistant Editor


1100 Lower Delta Road | #04-03 EPL Building | Singapore 169206 | Telephone: 6379-2895 (DID),9829-2974 (Hp) | email: [email protected] |

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