First Report From Half-Blood Prince Tour

The Half-Blood Prince Tour reached London, today, and I thought I was going to let you all down, reporterwise… yes, of course I’d entered the draw for tickets, but heard nothing… until yesterday!

So, I went happily into town, this afternoon, with my nine-year-old son as my guest… both wearing our best HP t-shirts… his is OotP, mine the getting viagra new Harry and click here Ron, from Hot Topic, via a friend in the States.

The tour’s lorry is parked on the North side of Leicester Square, facing the Empire Cinema, and is smothered in pictures of Harry and Dumbledore and staffed by helpful, card trick playing people in their Hogwarts robes – both Gryffindor and Slytherin. … today and Friday are for ticket holders only, but Saturday and Sunday are first come, first served… so get there early…

They take your ticket number, and you are in. Firstly, you get a chance to play the unreleased Half-Blood Prince video game – my son defeated the Ravenclaw duelling champion, on the Wii, and played some Quidditch.

The next section contains costumes and props – Harry’s, Slughorn’s, Dumbledore’s and the Sorting Hat and a Firebolt.

The final section is wow)) the biggest treat… entering Dumbledore’s office and only for you sitting in his chair, you choose to use either his wand or Harry’s to pose for your souvenir photograph and then choose which spell to perform to enter the special contest… Expecto Patronum, Expelliarmus or Wingardium Leviosa… the staff were unsurprised that a small child can read Latin… Harry Potter is so educational!!

He was videoed casting his spell and that gives him the chance to win a trip to Leavesden.

Fingers crossed, because he says if only he could win, they could give him the Dementor’s Kiss or send him to buy tramadol online aramex Azkaban, afterwards!

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