Mentions of Dan and india oversight pharmaceuticals exports viagra Equus in New Theatre Related Articles

A couple of interesting new theatre/Tony Awards related articles have popped up on the web, and you can read them here and here, courtesy of branded viagra Radcakesfan and Kate.  Enjoy! 

… Another who came to Broadway this season with a radical image-alteration was Daniel Radcliffe— but try to tell that to his Harry Potter public who stormed the very good site barricades nightly outside the Broadhurst where he was appearing as a deeply deranged young man in a revival of Peter Shaffer’s unsettling psycho-drama, Equus.

When asked why he’d play a chap who indulges in a catalog of Potteresque no-nos — nudity, smoking, watching porn, using the F-word, attempting to do generic viagra levitra cialis the F-word and driving a spike into the eyes of six horses when he sexually short-circuits — Radcliffe would get on his high-horse and respond in italics: “Because it’s a great play.”

And furthermore: “The thing about the Harry Potter following — because it is based around books — they’re a really literate, smart bunch of people so there are very few Harry Potter fans out there who object to best price generic cialis me doing this. Most of them are getting really into this, and, if I’m bringing new people to theatre, then that is a good thing.”


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