While we wait for the dozens of new Dan related items that are sure to come pouring in within the buy generic levitra europe next few days (I am a chronic optimist!), I thought this little off-topic gem harvested off a blog called Shoot the Messenger was just too good to best price generic propecia pass up:

Harry Potter and the Curse of Windows

News just in: Microsoft Patents ‘Magic Wand’

“… The corners of northerned.com Voldemort’s mouth curled upwards in a cruel approximation of a smile, and the snake-like eyes opened wide in satisfaction.
“So, Potter,” he hissed, “at last. It ends here.”
He raised his wand. “Crucio!
A low metallic note echoed in the empty hall, and ended in a low chunk.
“I said CRUCIO!”
A small grey box hovered over the Dark Lord’s outstretched wand. He bent down and, squinting, read the poorly typeset thin black text.
“Microsoft Wand is running low on virtual memory. You may experience some problems implementing hideous curses. Please consider shutting down earlier curses before starting new ones.”