Empire Magazine Portrait on Display at NPG

As we told you previously, the Empire Magazine Portrait is now on display in the Empire 20 exhibition at the century Club.

I went with my son, this morning, and you have to press the purchase viagra without prescription bell to be admitted, because it’s an elegant private club… upstairs, the photographs are on display in a huge, airy, well lit room… they have all been beautifully mounted and getting viagra framed, most of them over the autographs of online pharmacies without prescription the actors depicted… including the Trio’s signatures, of course, with a particulary fine Rupert… behind the scenes photographs from the shoot are displayed on a huge wall mounted flat screen television…

A SnitchSeeker reader managed to take some photographs of the… photograph, which can be seen here.

As we were in town, we then went to the National Portrait Gallery, for a treasure hunt… I always pop in for a chat with Richard III, but today we saw every single room, in search of the fifty portraits I’d printed out, to keep him busy… and this was very lucky, because in search of Patrick Stewart, we saw the recently acquired People of Today gallery… including another copy of the Empire Portrait!

The caption had a little quote about each of them, including…

Radcliffe won critical aclaim for his stage performance in Equus.

So, that is Dan’s third portrait in the National Portrait Gallery collection!

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