*Updated* Exclusive HBP Clips on Ellen and MTV Movie Awards

Thanks a million to rg.net for linking us to a clip from this morning’s Ellen Show – an exclusive clip from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

This clip is an extended scene of what has been featured often in the trailers: Ron declaring his love for Romilda Vane to Harry after eating a few cauldron cakes spiked with love potion!

It is a lough-out-loud funny moment not to be missed!

*Update* You can now see an “extended version of the extended version” of the hilarious scene between love struck Ron and confused Harry here. Thanks to Zahra for the heads-up! 

Also, thanks to radcakesfan for the news that the MTV Movie Awards will include an exclusive never-before-seen clip from Half-Blood Prince, introduced by Dan, Rupert and Emma.

Look out for the awards show on telly on May 31st.

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