*Updated* Shell Cottage Filming Under Way

Filming of the Shell Cottage scenes for Harry Potter and click now the Deathly Hallows is well under way in Pembrokeshire, and you can see a few photos from the shoot in our Deathly Hallows album, courtesy of Oclumencia. You will also find some photos over in TLC‘s galleries, and an article on the cialis 20mg online goings-on here.

Many thanks to Tracey and Radcakesfan for the links and the heads-up, and be sure to check back here later for a photo update!

*Update* I’ve just added many more HQ photos to our gallery courtesy once again of Oclumencia and TLC, including this little gem. I simply LOVE behind the scenes photographs, don’t you?  

*Update II* More behind the scenes photos from the filming of Deathly Hallows, including some of Dobby’s funeral, are now up in our DH Photo gallery. Many thanks to SnitchSeeker for the pictures, and to Tracey for the Heads-up.


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