HBP Fun Facts: Too Much Bacon for Dan

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Moviefone has posted a fun little article about HBP, aptly named 5 Fun Facts from the Set of Harry Potter, containing a couple of humorous Dan related passages:

“I thought it was hilarious,” Radcliffe told us about his reaction to Rowling’s late-2007 revelation that she “always saw Dumbledore as gay.” Radcliffe continued, “But what was even funnier about it was the buying levitra overnight delivery reaction from people who were up in arms about it. I don’t think it really matters. He’s [Rowling's] character and http://www.jubileecampaign.nl/pill-price-viagra she can do what she likes with him.” Michael Gambon, who plays the sage headmaster, was “camping it up around the set for a couple weeks” after the news broke, Radcliffe reports.


During the scene we watched filmed, Harry and Ron discuss a forthcoming Quidditch match over breakfast in the Hogwarts dining hall; and take after take we watch them nibble on seemingly fresh plates of bacon and eggs. Sounds like a food lover’s dream, right? Wrong. Radcliffe was so sick and tired of www.amputowani.pl bacon, he took to feeding a 10-year-old extra who couldn’t get enough of it. “I’ve been turning around and shoving all my bacon onto his plate just to amuse myself,” Radcliffe laughs. “He seems to www.theforgerestaurant.ie be having a good time.”

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