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by ClaireApr 23, 2009

It is now time for a second teaser report from the set of Half-Blood Prince. During the last report I briefly described the press room, sets and ambiance of the location. Now I am going to share a few tidbits from some of the interviews conducted with different members of the cast as they made their way down to talk to us at various times throughout the day.

Those who graced our press room were Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Evannah Lynch, Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis, Jessie Cave and David Barron. We also had a chat with the creature effects fellow back in the shack, and David Yates spoke with us during filming on a live set.

You can read the full article at ACED Magazine or by clicking on the READ MORE link below. Exclusively just for you guys I have another picture of Dan from the HBP set that you can view here. It is similar to the last one, but ever so slightly different, just click it to see a larger version.

David Yates had originally said Half-Blood Prince was about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, but his perception changed slightly once he started talking about it more on the set. “Yeah. I want to amend that. It’s actually about sex, potions, and rock ‘n roll. It’s a wonderfully fun, slightly rebellious, quite naughty stage of teenage life. When you’re kind of discovering the opposite sex. In the previous film it was about the first kiss. This film is a bit more sexualized than that … in a way. We don’t see sex, but it’s kind of in there. And the relationships are a bit more complicated and romantic and convoluted. So we’re pushing into new emotional and physical territory for Harry Potter, so it’s quite playful and fun,” Yates said.

Daniel Radcliffe commented about the concept of this latest production as well. “I think this one certainly has a greater sense of comedy than any of the other ones have, and I suppose you could say that it’s more adult humor. It’s not all a light sort of romp in the park.”

There is a scene in the film that requires some serious action moves on Radcliffe’s part — one where he seemingly walks through fire. “There’s a big gap in the fire where I’m running,” he says. “I do as much of my own stunts as I possibly can. But you know, there was a thing on TV a while ago where someone was saying — I didn’t actually see this, but somebody told me about it — someone went up to Daniel Craig and said ‘apparently it’s you and Daniel Radcliffe who both do all of your own stunts.’ Now, I’m sorry. I do as many stunts as I can possibly do. I’m sure I’ve been introduced to someone and — by one of the stunt boys — and they said ‘this is Daniel Craig’s stunt double’, so he can’t do all of them. It’s like everyone always makes a big deal out of actors doing their own stunts, and the truth is, we do as much as we can, but there are some things we just never can be allowed to do because of insurance and all of that. But if you want to tell people that I’m an action star, you’re more than welcome to. You have my total blessing,” he laughed.

In Half-Blood Prince Ron Weasley has a little romance going on, and while this was not Rupert Grint’s first romantic scene in a film (Driving Lessons), it was his Harry Potter character’s first time. “Ron gets a girlfriend in this one. Jessie Cave, who plays Lavender, is really cool. She’s really funny. We already filmed the kissing scene a few weeks ago. It was actually quite embarrassing. I wasn’t feeling too uncomfortable about it until the actual day came. The actual scene, we did it in the common room full of people cheering, and I was standing on this little plinth, this stage, and it was actually … um … I felt quite self conscious really ’cause everyone’s there looking at us. We were both quite nervous about it, but it was alright.”

Unlike Dan’s 30 takes for his first kissing scene in Harry Potter, Rupert’s were quite a bit less (although he did pop mints and gum to make sure he was April Fresh). “Mine was nothing like that. I think it was around eight [takes] because he [Yates] knew we were quite uncomfortable about it, and it was quite a nerve wracking scene, so he kept it to I think about eight, so it wasn’t too bad.”

Some of the actors shared their favorite scenes with us from what they had filmed of Half-Blood Prince when we spoke. “So far, I’ve really liked doing all the scenes at the Weasley house. That was really fun and kind of humorous to film, and it was a really interesting scene that we did out in the weeds around the Weasley house at night. That was exciting because it had a lot of action in it without being really action-packed in the sense of magic and different things. It was much more serious and quiet, and really scary, obviously, in the middle of the night and being surrounded by people that we can’t actually see. I’m also really looking forward to the Christmas party. It’ll be fun to dress up, and everyone will be in that. It feels like we’ve shot loads of things, but there’s so much to come,” says Bonnie Wright.

Emma Watson (Hermione) also talks about some of her favorite moments. “One of the things that I like most about this one [film] is the relationships, but also there’s loads of scenes between Hermione and Harry because Ron and Hermione have all these problems. That kind of brings Harry and Hermione closer, and there’s loads of scenes of them talking, and there’s a scene where Hermione sees Ron kiss Lavender for the first time. They [Harry and Hermione] both really sympathize with each other because Hermione is really upset about Ron, and Harry is also really down about Ginny who he really likes, but can’t do anything about. So I really like those scenes. I know it’s not the most exciting and it doesn’t have the most visual effects, or there aren’t any dragons or anything in them, but for me I think they’re really funny and really kind of sympathetic. I think those are going to be really good.”

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has a bigger role in Half-Blood Prince so we get to see a little more from his character this time around. “Draco has slightly more of a central plot as far as good and evil. I think that for the last sort of five years he’s always been very envious that Harry is the chosen one. I think that he’s given the opportunity to be the chosen one for the other guys. At first he laps up the opportunity to do so,” says Felton, “but he has a few internal questions that have difficulty being answered within himself. He doesn’t quite realize the severity of what he’s about to get himself into, nor the lack of confidence that he really has in what he’s trying to achieve.”

We also find out more about Draco in general in this production. “It’s great to find out more about the character and to dive a bit deeper into why he is the way that he is, and this goes into his relationship with his a father a bit more. His father is not around in this film so he feels slightly weaker without him, definitely, but he knows that he’s the man of the Malfoy Manor and so he has to step up his game. It’s a contradiction too. He wants to step up and be the big shot, but equally he knows deep down that he’s not half the man that Harry is, I’m sure,” reveals Felton.

Neville Longbottom is one character that kind of takes a back seat in this release, but he is still here and there throughout the production. “Neville is not officially in this story because obviously the book was just so big and there’s a lot of story to fit into the script, which is just a two-hour film. So, a lot has to be taken out unfortunately, but Neville is still there and is still doing his best with the Dumbledore Army and trying to fight the good fight. He sort of becomes involved with the whole Slughorn group and Slughorn’s party. There’s a really nice thing where he’s going to be a waiter. I tried on the outfit recently and he looks like he’s working on the Titanic with the color and the lapels and things. He looks really funny, and so that’s going to be quite nice. He’s just still being Neville and helping out as best as is possible, which is quite fun,” says Matt Lewis.

Finally David Barron rounds out our Half-Blood Prince Teaser Preview, telling us a little about this latest offering in his own words. “As one would expect there’s the sense of foreboding around the exterior of the film which is Voldemort’s growing stronger, terrible things are happening in the outside world and Dumbledore is briefing Harry for a time when he won’t be here, even though Harry’s not quite aware of that. They realize that not only is Voldemort invincible, he’s seven times more invincible.

“Despite all of that, at the center of the film there’s this wonderful sort of light adolescent romance, a romantic setup in which Harry wants Ginny, but she’s with somebody else, and Hermione wants Ron, but he’s with somebody else. It’s a marvelously warm, witty and enchanting kind of center to the film. It’s something that we haven’t seen before. We touched on it in four with the Yule Ball, but only peripherally, and now we get a chance to expand it as the book did. It’s lovely and it gives Ron, or Rupert, a chance to show his comedic prowess. They actually all do. Hermione is both touching and funny. It’s fun and something new and I think that the audience will find it really enjoyable,” he says.

There is a lot more where this came from, so stay tuned for more of our upcoming Half-Blood Prince coverage! Half-Blood Prince is out in theaters July 15th!

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