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by drcomApr 21, 2009

I have read through all of your suggestions and comments with regards to viagra canada without prescription the forum vs. Facebook (and I appreciate them very much), and I have made a few decisions. First and foremost, my goal is to have a site that makes all of you happy (I know how utterly ridiculous it is to want to please everyone, but I seem to be a glutton for punishment). This site isn’t about me or for me, it is for you in support of order online levitra Daniel, so what you think does matter. With that being said, there were many opinions on this subject, with many valid points.

My final decisions based on member input:

First, I am going to make a Facebook and a Twitter page this week and will then post up the cheapest propecia us details for all to join or follow. Hopefully we will grow these together.

Second, I will not do away with the forum, but things will be pruned within it and I am also considering a suggestion from one of our Dr.com members, Sak, to make things a little easier, particularly for those who were either unaware of the forum or not familiar enough to use it.

Here is the proposal on the table about the forum, and again, I will leave this up to top selling herbal viagra all of you to decide:

I could integrate a forum with our current site’s membership functionality, but it would have to be a fresh start. This new forum would be set within the site itself. I would leave the other forum up so you can refer back to stories – so it would not be blasted to oblivion, but it would be locked down so nothing else could be added, and instead we would build onto the order viagra no prescription new forum.

To answer the “bridge” question between our site’s infrastructure and order cheap tramadol no prescription needed the old forum — building a bridge to exist between systems would be an utter nightmare as I have tried it on cialis mail order uk other sites… From scratch however is doable.

This, in essence, would mean that everyone who is currently a member of Dr.com will automatically be a member of the forum and can post to the forum when they login to only now the Dr.com site if they wish. If you already have a Dr.com login, you already have your Forum login.

So — would you guys be willing to do that? Archive the old forum and integrate a new one within our Dr.com site community here? If we do that I can make the forums more a part of the site in general as well in various ways. I will leave it up to you.

Votes are open from now until Thursday at 5 p.m. ET.

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