Site Update and Survey

Hey guys. I totally whacked the commenting system last night while I was tweaking the code. Sorry about that — it is fixed now though. I still have some other things I will be working on throughout the weekend so you may see a few minor additions/subtractions as the similar viagra weekend moves along. Right now I have a question for all of you though.

I am going to be creating a FaceBook Fan Group for us this weekend. I was considering, because forums seem to wow)) be a dying breed except for use by tech support nowadays,  discontinuing the forum, and instead focusing on selling propecia online a FaceBook group with full attention.

If you really want to keep the forum we can, by majority votes, but I think FB will give us a better way to dynamically interact with everyone in a more fun way.

I am leaving this up to you guys — get your votes in by Sunday afternoon, 5 p.m. ET by commenting in this thread. Cheers!!!

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