Dan Here and generic cialis prices There in the News


We have a few tidbits of Dan related news to share with you today, courtesy of the ever prolific Radcakesfan:

1) School children are thrilled to received photos of Dan after sending him letters. You can read about it here.  

2) Jason Isaacs includes a hilarious quote about Dan in a recent interview with the Press Association:

“No-one could have predicted quite how global this phenomenon (Harry Potter) would be. Daniel [Radcliffe, who plays Harry] could walk through caves in Afghanistan and be mobbed. I’m glad I have an Oyster card and can travel on the cialis online fda tube unmolested.”

3) Robert Pattinson had a slightly bitter sweet story to viagra online 50mgs share about being snubbed by a fan at the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere. Hopefully, the person who was so rude to him is now biting her nails! You can read all about it here.

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