*Updated* Daniel Radcliffe Buys New York Bagel Franchise

Becoming a prolific businessman appears to viagra sales online in uk have become an important goal in life for Daniel, along with acting and www.tedxmonterey.org the occasional shirtless singing gig. According to various unnamed sources, Dan was looking to invest some serious money in something other than art and real estate and happened to meet up with representatives from an ailing New York company called ‘Spaz Bagels’ while recently starring in Equus on Broadway. Ever the one to help with a bailout, and not wanting to be outdone by Rupert Grint and his celebrated ice cream truck, Dan purchased the company lock stock and barrel and opened the first ever ‘Spaz Bagels’ franchise near his newly acquired townhouse in London’s posh Tart-on-Strawberry district. “It’s simply brilliant!” enthused Radcliffe during an interview with an unknown media outlet. “Hopefully ‘Spaz Bagels’ will give British scones a run for their money!”

We are presently waiting for Lauren to send in HQ photos of Dan’s first caricature unveiling at the viagra name canadian pharmacy trendy new eatery, so stay tuned for more. Many thanks to viagra sale online April, who was the first to email us with this breaking news story!

*Update* By now you will have gathered that I was just having a little April Fool’s fun and I hope I made you smile with this silly little post… and although I really do love bagels, there is best online price for viagra nothing quite as satisfying as a warm raisin scone with strawberry preserves and look there thick Devonshire cream to go with your cup of Earl Grey tea!     

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