Daniel Radcliffe is Hollywood’s Most Valuable Young Star

Daniel had the highest rankings among industry voters in the teen-and-under set from the recently released inaugural Forbes Star Currency actors survey. The survey is an exclusive look at what the business side of Hollywood really thinks of more than 1,400 working actors when it comes to ensuring the mises.org.pt financial success of film projects. Miley Cyrus followed a close second.

Because Dan recently starred in the West End and cialis soft shop Broadway runs of Equus, a play about a psychiatrist treating a disturbed teenager who blinds horses, it shows the wide range of online viagra gel to buy his abilities. Roles such as these, says producer Rick Alvarez, get audiences “to see him as something else, and that speaks to him as an actor.”

You can read the full article here. Thanks very much to radcakesfan for the tip!

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