Demelza Fund-raiser, Birthday, FYIs

Hi everyone. I am extremely sorry it has taken a while for me to respond to all of your lovely birthday wishes, but I want you all to know that I greatly appreciate them. There have been many things going on lately that have taken up my attention unfortunately.

On another note, I do wish to let you all know that we raised 750 pounds over the holidays for Demelza Children’s Hospice, even with many people donating to the Broadway fund-raiser as well. It isn’t the best figure we have seen over the years, but it is still a good amount.

Things are especially tight this year for many of you because of tramadol official site the doom and zithromax buy online gloom in our economies all over the world. Just last week 45 people were released from my place of work and all of our salaries cut 10 percent. So – I am definitely feeling it too. Please bear with me if I seem distant as I am having to work two jobs to mexico pharmacy keep things afloat right now.

Even so, I do plan to run a birthday fund-raising project for Demelza this year once again for Dan’s birthday. One pound is better than nothing at all for those of you that can spare it. If you cannot, it is totally understandable. I will post more about this year’s project soon. We will have varying levels for this one, so even those who cannot afford to donate can still participate.

I also wanted to let you all know that Dan did receive his holiday book of wishes from the fans that donated this past Christmas, and he wanted me to pass along his most sincerest gratitude for your continuous support and generosity.

Most importantly, we realize the significance of your donations when times are tough, and we are especially humbled by your willingness to sacrifice and give during these times of turmoil. Hopefully, we will all come through this one on online levitra canadian a more positive note after we’ve held on during this wild and violent ride through history.

I know things are hard for many of you out there based on some of the e-mails you have sent in, but chin up — just remember, you are not alone. Eventually, the clouds will clear.

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