*Updated* Last Exclusive Equus on Broadway Stage-door Video Clip

As promised, here is my last exclusive video clip of buy viagra cheap online Daniel at the Broadhurst theatre stage-door. This was taken after the Saturday (February 7th) evening performance. You can see the buy cialis on line down-sized version here (please right-click and ordering viagra online ‘Save Target As’ before viewing, with many thanks to Lauren for the sizing), or download a better version of it here via MegaUpload.

Also, after taking your comments into consideration, I have decided to wait a few weeks before putting my autographed caricature of Dan in Equus up for sale on eBay in order to give everyone some ‘financial recoup time’ after spending so much money ‘funding the Shubert Organization and BC/EFA’ (thanks to Saky and Danilo for wording things so well!). Dan thought this was a fantastic idea to http://www.cjswansonart.com/best-places-to-buy-viagra raise funds for Demelza House, and I am hoping the auction will be a successful one. Please note the toned abs, loveable grin and sparkling blue eyes as recreated by the artist… not to mention the rather confused blind horse! I’ll post a link to the auction as soon as the caricature is up for sale.

*Update* The clip is now available on YouTube for those who were having difficulties seeing it before. Make sure you pick the ‘watch in high quality’ option if you can! Stage-door exclusive

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