Bearquus Sells for $10,000 at Auction

One of our readers, Maria, was at yesterday’s BC/EFA Broadway Bears auction and emailed us with news that the Equus Bear went for $10,000, second highest after the Spamalot bear. It was the second to last Bear auctioned off and had a lot of interest by phone, online and live.  

The MC also mentioned the horse’s eyes could light up like Nugget’s in the buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg show, and they actually did!

Maria took some photos of the Equus bear display and talked to viagra tablets sale the artist, Nicolas Putvinski, who let her take a picture of him with his creation:

Bearquus 1, Bearquus 2, Bearquus 3, Bearquus 4, Bearquus 5, Bearquus 6

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