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I hope you all enjoyed the exclusive stage door photos that I posted in our galleries a couple of days ago. Here now is part II of the Dan related treats I promised you: a video clip documenting a stage door experience from A to Z; I wanted to share this clip with those of you who’ve done this before in order to help you relive those frantic yet special moments, with those of you who will be doing this soon so that you will know what to expect, and especially with those of you who will not get the chance to experience this thrilling sort of mayhem in person: let my camera be your eyes and www.nill.at ears, and enjoy! You can see the video here (please right-click and ‘Save Target As’ before viewing, with many thanks to Lauren for sizing this monster down for me), or download a better version of it here, via MegaUpload (recommended if you want to see the clip in all its HQ glory!). And don’t forget to click on Read more if you want to… well, read more!

This particular clip was taken at the Broadhurst Theatre stage door on viagra en gel January 3rd; while my mum Nicole was taking photographs, I was documenting the www.guenstige-versicherungen-online.de experience for you on video. You will note the clip includes shouted warnings from security personnel, squeals of prices levitra delight and a few bizarre comments from fans, and poster waggling autograph seekers who drove us to distraction by repeatedly sliding their gigantic Equus posters over our heads to viagra in france the front of the line in order to get them signed, and then just leaving them hanging there, heedless of anyone else who was standing in front of them (I actually thought my mum was going to reach over and yank one down when her fifth attempt at taking a lovely close-up photo of Dan was thwarted yet again by a poster being thrust in front of her lens just as she was taking the picture!)

I know I’ve said this before, but I really want to underline how patient and gracious Dan has been with his fans, night after night, during the entire run of the play in New York. I, for one, am deeply grateful for his kindness and generosity. I also commend the security personnel, including Dan’s minder, for their constant dedication at keeping both Dan and the crowds safe; I can tell you, from having witnessed more than a few incidents of unruly and/or dangerous behavior, that this was no walk in the cialis canada park for them either.

I’ll close with the following advice for those of you who will attempt to brave the stage door in the coming weeks: dress up warmly (don’t dress to impress… no one will notice what you’re wearing at this point, trust me!); even if it’s not too cold outside when you’re strolling around the Big Apple, the wait at the door will make your fingers and try it toes go numb within minutes, so don’t forget your gloves, scarves and boots. Have fun, be patient, and whatever you do, don’t waggle your Equus poster in front of my mum’s camera lens… EVER! :P

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