Photos of Dan at the Broadhurst Stage Door

I promised you some treats from my most recent stay in New York in one of canadian pharmacy online tramadol my previous posts, so here is part I of what I have to share with you: a whole lot of lovely new photos of Dan (and one of Richard because I loved the colour of the scarf he was wearing that night… très ooh la click here la!) taken on three different occasions outside the Broadhurst Theatre and added to order female viagra our Equus Stage Door Exclusives gallery. Notice that Dan is simply wearing his leather jacket on January 2nd, on January 3rd he is also wearing a nice warm scarf, and on the 8th he is sporting his down filled winter coat… Yes, it’s been fairly cold in New York lately! Of course, being Canadian I’m quite used to the cold, but let me tell you it gets downright chilly waiting around at the stage door and I was awfully glad that I had my boots on and that Starbucks, with its lovely mugs of steaming hot chai tea, was not too far away (never mind drinking the stuff… I just wanted to dunk my fingers in my cup to warm them up!). 

Stay tuned for a “stage door experience from A to Z” video clip that I will be posting within the next few days, along with a few fun observations. I’ve added a handful of screen caps to our galleries to give you a sneak peek at what’s in store. I hope you enjoy these too!  

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