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by ClaireJan 2, 2009

Thank you, Riham, for stapling yourself to and refreshing manically until Dan’s Q&A video was posted, here.

Can any of our readers lay claim to any of the questions?

Dan is more charming and articulate than you could shake a stick at.

Which should not bowl me over, like this, every single time!

** You can now read the transcript to the interview if you are having problems watching the video thanks to our reader Maria!! Click on the Read More link to view it.


Daniel: Hello, I’m Daniel Radcliffe and I’m here to answer your questions in “Ask a Star”.

Question 1: What’s your favorite part of doing “Equus”?

Daniel: Well Russell… favorite thing about doing Equus ….it, you know to be honest, one of them is just to be working with Richard Griffith every night because he’s amazing..he’s …he’s a force on stage …..he has the know..he keeps it fresh every single night, even when he’s not well, he is know he’s still changing things, he’s still trying stuff out and it’s really amazing to be on stage with someone as …as talented as he is.

Question 2: What does a usual day in the life of Daniel Radcliffe look like on a show day?

Daniel: On a show day I …I wake up late if or as late as I can uh if I’ve done it the night before. Sometimes I will go to the gym, sometimes I will not, I will be very lazy and stay in bed. I’ll have one bowl of special K, sometimes two if I’m feeling very hungry. Umm..I then watch cartoons (chuckle) for hours (laughs) like not like sophisticated cartoons like Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy, like we’re talking Nicktoons here, which I think are AMAZING by the way. Sponge Bob and Fairly Odd Parents are two of the greatest kid shows ever made.  They are hysterically funny, really clever and weird and surreal and it’s brilliant so I watch a lot of them and then I um…and then I, you know, kind of have lunch and probably do an interview or something like this and then I leave for the theater…if the shows at 8 I leave at 6 and get ..I to be in the theater an hour before the half hour call uh…which is pretty early (laughs) but ..I…I much prefer getting there early than late and … yeah, that’s that’s it really and then I get into the theater and plug into my ipod and …and start getting ready for the show.

Question 3: If you were asked to do “Dancing with the Stars” would do it?

Daniel: No…as a pretty __?___ dancer, (laughs) um I …I …I mean I …I..I’m not going to put myself up to humiliating myself publicly. I uh….I ..I don’t know why people…I mean…..okay fine…I..I…you know..if you’re …you’re ….you’ve shown some sort of natural ability then yeah…fine…do it, but I don’t really have much skill in the way of dancing so..uh…..I don’t think it would really be for me …no.  But thank you, I’m flattered that you even asked Jesse.

Question 4: What question would you like an interviewer to ask that no one has ever asked you?

Daniel: Uh that one…that was a very good question….that’s it.  No, um..I don’t know…um…what question would I like to be asked? I don’t know…I can think of a few that I would like never to be asked again…like…um..what are the similarities between you and Harry? Uh…you’ll …you know…you’ll notice now that whenever..oh yeah….where …if there is …if there was….if there’s any spell you could choose, which one would it be and why? That’s one I could do with…with….with not having again….uh….because you’ll notice I’m just running out of answers.  The one question I never want to hear again, actually, is uh…is so Dan…we hear…we hear you’re a bit of a prankster on set, what have you up to recently and it’s like okay no I did something when I was 11, when I changed Robby Coltrane’s phone into Turkish and I made the stupid mistake of mentioning that in an interview and every year since then, they’ve been asking me what pranks I’ve been up too….and I’m like nothing, now……I’m 19 ..I .you know…I mean I’m still really immature but I have outgrown that slightly so that..that would would probably be the number one never to have to answer again.

Question 5: Do you prefer Harry Potter or Alan Strang?

Daniel: I think if I was like going to dinner, I’d probably prefer Harry…because (chuckle) he’s probably more easy in conversation um…than Alan is.  Uh…I don’t know…I mean…to play….it’s it’s an unanswerable question really because I’ve loved playing Alan and I’ve had a really good time doing the show, but you know I’ve played Harry now for …as I’ve said almost …you know wil be ten years by the end and..and know…he will always be very very special to me to have been able to play that part so yeah…very special.

Question 6: Do you ever get cold on stage naked?

Daniel: I get cold on stage constantly.  Um…they have the air con on sometimes.  Uh yes, so there’s your answer Sarah, I think I know what you were getting at (laughs) uhhh..yes…so yes is the answer.

Question 7:
Would you consider starring in a Harry Potter musical?

Daniel: No, no, no,….oh god no. I mean it would be just so bad if there were a Harry Potter musical.  I mean I have heard things about it but I really….really…hope it doesn’t happen because it’s not what it’s about at all…there are some things which you could make into a musical quite comfortably….I’ve heard they’re making the Adam’s Family into a musical ..that sounds like it could be frankly awesome, that’s the kind of thing that I can totally see flying as a musical.  Harry Potter…I don’t know where the songs are…I think the image of old people in wizards robes dancing is just…..oh no….I would I…..I…it wouldn’t have my blessing I’d have to say.

Question 8: What are some of your favorite things about New York City?

Daniel: I love Battery Park city…I think that’s a beautiful area.  Um…I love the feel of the city …I love Broadway.  The Broadway community is one of those things you hear an awful lot about but you have to really do a show here to fully understand what it is cause it’s….it’s actually pretty remarkable..and I love how much I’ve been accepted here, which is amazing because you know…there was um…In London, I’ve never been on stage before so there was a certain amount of can he do it, can’t he do it, uh..stuff like that but here, people have just been…..yeah, it’s just great to have you…you know….so it’s uh…it’s been really really really cool to be here for that as well.  Other things about New York, I don’t know..I like…I like …I like the rivalry between the Giants and the Jets…that’s really really cool actually…I…I was told, the first day I got here..the first day I got into the theater…you’ve got to become a Giants fan so I did…and I…so far, I’ve made the right choice.

Question 9: Have you ever been required to talk in an American accent and can you give us a sample?

Daniel: The only time I was ever asked to talk in an American accent was when I did the Ellen Degenerous show and she said uh..can you do one and I sort of said I think so but I don’t know …uh..and so she gave me something to say and I said it and she thought it was okay…um..I ..I don’t know what would you like me to ….does Matt give a suggestion of what he would like me to say in an American accent? ….ummm…well Matt…then what you have to do is become a director or writer and write a very very good part for me which I have to do an American accent and then you will have your sample.

Question 10: What are your plans after you’re finish with Equus?

Daniel: I finish Equus on February 8th, I fly home February 9th and I start filming Harry Potter 7 on I think February 15th, and that’s ..and then…and that…that you know…Harry Potter…the shoot for Harry Potter 7 just stretches into infinity so we don’t know how long we’ll be filming for but it will be a long time and those…those are my plans. I’m just going to devote myself you know to that film and make sure it is the best of the lot


Daniel: Hi, I’m Daniel Radcliffe. Thank you very much for sending in your questions and please do come and see Equus. We run till February 8th at…the Broadhurst theater…I actually forgot the name of the theater then but I ..I remembered it.

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