Dan’s Jeans Again!


Many thanks to one of our readers, Palmer, for the amusing report on today’s jeans auction after the matinee performance of Equus: 

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, the auction for Dan’s Equus wardrobe jeans today, December 6th at the Broadhurst, was fast paced and rather furious. I was involved in the bidding up to about $2500.00. I dropped out at that point and watched in awe until the final bid of $4000.00!!!  I do believe that’s the highest so far, though maybe the eBay auction will go higher, since it includes a meet-and-great, a backstage tour, etc.

Dan mentioned that he’s had a cold the last few nights (poor boy was coughing a bit during the performance) and said, “So there’s been some of this action going on,” as he wiped his nose with his hand and wiped it on his jeans. Yes, the winning bidder got some Dan bogies!!

Just thought folks would like to know…

OK Dan, ‘snot funny and hope you’re feeling better now!

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