First Auction for Dan’s Jeans Today

One of viagra online best our readers, Evelina, was at the matinee showing of Equus today andsent in a detailed description of the jean auction that took place after the purchase viagra from canada performance. To find out what happened, including how much the jeans sold for (I thought they would have gone for more than that!), simply click on the ‘Read more’ link below.

Maybe they should try auctioning off a certain blue blanket used at the end of act II… 

Hello there! I saw what you guys posted about Daniel auctioning off his jeans on visit our site the Saturday matinee shows and cialis and ketoconazole luckily for me, I attended the 2pm matinee show today the 22nd and his jeans went for $950! It was hilarious: they started the bid at $50, and it kept going up and up and finally looked like it was going to stop at about $700ish but then it kept battling between these two guys and finally one guy was like “IF HE SIGNS THEM I’LL GIVE $800″ and Daniel got really really excited and was like “YES I WILL SIGN THEM!!” and was jumping around on stage! It was so cute! But then the price kept jumping up and finally settled at $950. I have to say, it was adorable to see Daniel so genuinely excited, and he was so funny too! at one point as the bidding was going on he went, “come on now! you all know what happens in these jeans at the end of the first act!”

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