New Dan Related Articles!

We have a couple of interesting new articles to share with you today: The first is from the New York Post’s In My Library and features Dan talking about his love for books. Newleaf31 sent this link to us, mentioning that she is the ‘person on the street’ who gave Dan the Stephen Dobyns poetry book!

The second is best price on brand name cialis an interview with Broadway bound actor Haley Joel Osment who mentions speaking with Dan after seeing him in Equus.

“He discussed his child-star experience with Radcliffe, who turned to an edgy theater role to shake off his “Harry Potter” image. “He’s got it a lot tougher than I do, ’cause there’s merchandise out there with him on it,” Osment says, with a laugh.”

Many thanks to Kate and viagra effects on the penis Dreamndee for the tip!

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