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Dan Makes Richard Feel Old!

by drcomNov 19, 2008

According to cheap no prescription viagra this very tongue-in-cheek interview, Richard Griffiths would like to beat Daniel soundly¬†because he’s young, handsome, successful and¬†happy… It’s totally hilarious! Enjoy!

Griffiths ‘envies’ Daniel Radcliffe

Source: Metro.co.uk

Richard Griffiths has joked how he harbours violent tendencies towards his younger co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

The 61-year-old, who stars alongside the 19-year-old in the Harry Potter films as Uncle Vernon Dursley and viagra in bulgaria in Equus, where he plays the psychiatrist Dr Martin Dysart, says that being around the younger actor can sometimes be frustrating.

“I have no time for British youth. It’s a source of envy and despair because I’m not one of them,” he revealed at the Frost/Nixon premiere in New York.

“So I share nothing but a few principles – very little culture at all because I have no idea what he’s (Daniel) talking about. He comes raving up to me about the latest band that he’s been listening to or poet, and I have no idea what he’s talking about. It’s terrible, it just makes me feel so old.”

He added, with a smile: “In fact, I’m going to beat him up before we leave because you know, he’s young, handsome, successful, happy, everything unbearable so I shall have to beat him soundly.”

Richard continued: “I think everybody over 55 at home, as an aspect of the National Health Service, should be issued every week by the we like it Post Office with a large, clear plastic bag containing a wet fish so that you take your shopping with you.

“Whenever you see someone young, handsome and successful, you’re allowed to hit them as hard as you can across the face. When they say, ‘ooh, what was that for?’, you say, ‘for being young, handsome and successful, you b*****d’.”

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