Equus Act III and Exclusive Stage-door Photos of Dan

I just got back from New York where I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday matinee performance of Equus amongst other (exciting!) things. At the end of the play, we were treated to something a little different that I thought you would enjoy reading about: ‘Equus Act III’, as Kate Mulgrew proudly proclaimed! I also have some exclusive new stage-door photographs (the ones in which Dan is wearing a red and http://cambridgeacademyaz.com/online-pharmacies grey scarf) to share with you, and you can see them here. Click on Read more if you are curious…

After the final bows, all the online cialis soft actors except for Daniel, Anna Camp and Marc Spaulding casually sat on the blocks which are part of cheap generic overnight viagra the on-stage decor, while T. Ryder Smith talked about the friendly Broadway Cares fundraising competition currently going on between theatres. He  informed us that cast members would be collecting donations at the exits, and Anna and Marc returned to the stage and paraded around with a copy of a gorgeous fully signed Equus poster as well as a fully signed Playbill that patrons could purchase on their way out of the theatre to help raise more money. We were then told that over the past few days, various items had been auctioned off for the cause and that there was to be another auction then and there for a unique article of theatre memorabilia in the form of a T-shirt worn by…

And here Dan came prancing back on generic cialis online stage wearing an Equus T-shirt, grinning from ear to how to get cialis ear and exuding enough energy to light up half of Broadway. The cast then started making quips about how the viagra soft tabs shirt had been worn by Dan during rehearsals (Dan silently shook his head ‘no’), and that he’d slept in it (again, he shook his head to indicate this wasn’t true), but when they said he’d perspired in it, Dan started rubbing his chest and sides energetically to make sure the shirt was nicely soaked with sweat while the crowd roared with approval. It was absolutely hilarious! Someone then thrust a sharpie in Dan’s hand for him to sign the shirt and cialis pharmacy the bidding started at $100. Dan egged the crowd on by saying things like ‘come on… it’s worth at least a million dollars!’ and his cast mates joined in the fun, coaxing the audience to bid generously. The winning bid was $1600 and the entertainment value was priceless! 

My mum and I returned to the theatre later that evening to take some photos at the stage-door, and while we were waiting around I had a lovely chat with three of the ‘horses’ in the production: Collin Baja, Tyrone Jackson and Adesola Osakalumi. They were absolutely charming and really interesting to the best choice talk to. They confirmed just how difficult it is for them to move around with the only today metal horses’ heads, that they actually have blind spots when they are wearing them, that the hooves attached to their shoes are extremely heavy and that the horse blinding scene had taken hours upon hours of rehearsal. They were wearing slippers and dressing-gowns when they came out, which was rather funny to see! They then asked me where I was from and we started talking ‘shop’, including the fact that I had gone to an open casting call for Wicked that very morning on 43rd Street (it was beyond fabulous!).

The actual ‘stage-dooring’ (new verb!) was a bit stressful this time around, with people being stubborn and http://www.jobsinvermilion.com/viagra-now mulish with the security personnel, not moving when they were told to and pushing from behind like there was no tomorrow. Fans were shoving multiple Playbills in front of click now our faces (and Dan’s), even though he only signs one item per person (which is fair), and the atmosphere was generally chaotic. I failed to capture any video this time around because of the intense brouhaha, but mum squared her shoulders, braced herself against the onslaught, and managed to buy cialis online australia take 12 wonderful new photographs for you to enjoy! Dan was lovely and sweet as ever, making eye contact when thanking fans who complimented him and signing as many items as he could before calling it a day.


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