Interview with Equus Cast Member Carolyn McCormick

Talkin’ Broadway has posted an interesting new interview with actress Carolyn McCormick, who plays the part of Alan Strang’s mother Dora in the current Broadway production of Equus. It is an interesting read, and Ms. McCormick also has high words of praise for Dan:

It’s been great. Daniel Radcliffe has an enormous fan base. The thing I notice the cheap cialis pills most is how young much of buy vardenafil levitra the audience is because of that, and how nice that is. We need to get younger people into the audiences so those people realize that the theaters are worth keeping alive. A lot of the theaters I’ve worked in have an old subscription base. I look up there and order quality cialis I think “Who’s going to replace you guys in 20 or 30 years?” If this show ignites 10 new future theater goers every night, that would be great. I think that’s the best thing, and that’s Dan bringing those people in. But they come in to see a movie star and they leave having seen an actor.

Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the link!

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