DR.com Exclusive Stage Door Photos

Here, as promised, are the Equus Stage Door Exclusive photographs my mother and findredrainey.com I took for DanRadcliffe.com this weekend in New York. If you would like to learn a bit more about our adventures, please click on the ‘Read more’ link below. Enjoy!

It was an incredibly beautiful, balmy weekend in New York… the type of weather that made it hard to believe we were in October and allowed us to have supper outside on canadian healthcare a terrace before going to free samples viagra the theatre.

I never got to see or take photos of Dan at the stage door in London because of construction on the street, but in New York there actually is a procedure in place: ticket holders must present their same day ticket to the play in order to be allowed to stand behind a fenced in barricade set up especially for them on one side of the stage door, while non-ticket holders can try their luck behind a barricade set up on the opposite side of the stage door. Security is extremely tight at all times, and unless you are standing in the first three rows just behind the generic cialis from canada gates on either side, you’re most likely to be disappointed. For safety reasons, Dan is not allowed to come out of buy cialis free shipping the theatre until his vehicle is parked right in front of the stage door, and when he does walk out, he is well escorted and closely watched at all times by a group of security men, some of them so tall and brawny that he appears almost child-like beside them.

Having seen the show, my mother and I were standing on the ticket holder side of the stage door, so what you are about to read is twice from our vantage point in the first row against the security gate. By the time Dan came out of the theatre, the crowds were huge and unruly and we were being seriously pushed from behind despite dire and repeated warnings from security that if the barricades fell (sounds a bit like a line from Les Misérables, doesn’t it? “One more day before the storm, at the barricades of freedom!”), Dan would simply be whisked away. The first few rows of fans were mostly polite and respectful and the people right behind us were extremely nice and friendly, but the problem came from further behind, where the disgruntled and buy xenical online no prescription the curious tried just about anything to levitra online pharmacy get closer, including yelling, shoving and running out into the order viagra now street in front of oncoming traffic. In addition to the regular security staff, police and paramedics were also standing by in case things got out of control… it was totally surreal!

Dan was cordial and confident and there is an easy grace about him that is canadian viagra sales extremely appealing; although he appeared a bit cautious at times, he really went out of his way to please his fans; he could not really stop to pose or chat (we were warned of this ahead of time), but he always looked and smiled at people when he signed for them and he did react to the occasional funny or random comment from the crowd.

Dan is always such fun to photograph because you never know what kind of expression you’re going to capture on camera, and my mother (with her trusty digital SLR) and I (with a simpler point-and-shoot camera that also allowed me to capture a bit of free levitra video footage) were both quite busy taking pictures. Dan signed autographs for fans on our side of the stage door first, and then proceeded to herbal viagra the other side to do the same thing before being ushered into his car and driven off.

So what would be the perfect ending to such an interesting day, you wonder? Why, sharing a piece of authentic New York blueberry cheesecake on a terrace before heading back to our hotel, of course!

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