Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Equus Reviews and cialis price online cialis price MTV Article

We have a couple more great Equus reviews to share with you this evening, along with a rather off-the wall article about Dan and his Equus co-star Lorenzo Pisoni; since this tongue-in-cheek story has been galloping rampantly throughout the Internet under various forms and with different headlines, we thought we may as well post it here for you to enjoy and comment on to your hearts’ content!  

DC Theatre Scene: “Young Radcliffe runs him a merry chase as Alan Strang, and all doubts about his adaptability to the stage after all those years as Harry Potter in the movies must now be forgotten. The kid’s good!  His well advertised strip to the bare bottom is so discreetly and imaginatively handled that there wasn’t a giggle in the house; the scene requires total submission on price of cialis the boy’s part, and the house accepts it as inevitable and really quite beautiful.”

New York Observer: “Mr. Radcliffe—who made his remarkable stage debut in the West End run of Equus—is, firstly, a stage natural.”

MTV Movies Blog: “We are doing that two-become-one thing,” Pisoni said, referring to purchase viagra overnight delivery what Radcliffe’s character Alan Strang is hoping to achieve with his horse. “It’s a little scary, but I think we’ll nip it in the bud. It won’t go any further than this. I want to keep my eyes, they’re useful to me, and he doesn’t want to get locked up.”

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