Variety Review of Equus

Variety columnist Liz Smith has now weighed in with her thoughts about Equus, saying these wonderful things about Dan:

“As for Daniel Radcliffe, I review his performance by saying that he has submerged himself so completely in this difficult role that one searches in vain for any vestige of “Harry Potter.” He commands the stage, and fully deserved the tumultuous bravos at the curtain call. (The standing ovation for “Equus” was not the now-routine “let’s stretch-our-legs” exercise.)” 

Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the link, and many thanks to Sue for sending in this gem from Liz Smith’s 9/15/08 blog:

WHENEVER I run into that titan of the Shubert Organization, Gerald Schoenfeld, he usually has trenchant things to canadian healthcare levitra say about critics, columnists, actors, directors, producer, writers, stagehands and unions. But recently, he only wanted to mention in passing that he has “the absolute sweetest, nicest, most wonderful leading man of viagra without prescription online all time” in the coming production of “Equus,” which opens Sept. 25 at the Broadhurst Theater. Of course, he meant Daniel Radcliffe. It’s fun to discover that under his steel exterior, Gerry is just a hopeless fan.

I can confirm first-hand that this is the absolute truth: I had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with both Mr. and Mrs. Schoenfeld at the Times Talks event in New York, and they told me the exact same lovely things about Dan!

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