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Broadway Magazine’s Interview with DR.com’s Jenna

by ClaireSep 27, 2008

We have another special treat in store for you today: DanRadcliffe.com’s very own web mistress and editor-in-chief, the lovely and talented Jenna, was interviewed recently by Broadway Magazine’s Christopher Moore:    

Q: How did you first get interested in Daniel Radcliffe?
A: I first noticed Dan, like most people, after I saw him in Harry Potter. He reminded me a lot of my brother back then, but not so much anymore.

You can read the entire interview by clicking here or on the Read more link below.

Many thanks to Frenchi for the heads-up since we weren’t too sure when the article would actually be published! Cool    

When it comes to Daniel Radcliffe, who opened to rave reviews in the revival of Equus last night on Broadway, few people know him better than his fans. We had a virtual sit down interview with someone who knows those fans better than anyone else. Her name is Jenna Bensoussan, and she is Editor-In-Chief of DanRadcliffe.com. Since 2001 she has seen the evolution of Daniel Radcliffe into Harry Potter star, and more recently the evolution of Daniel Radcliffe into Daniel Radcliffe the actor and Broadway phenomena. Here is our virtual interview about wallpaper, wizards, nudity, Demelza House, and more. She has interacted with Daniel Radcliffe on occasion, and celebrates his Broadway debut with us.

» How long have you run DanRadcliffe.com?
We opened right after the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001.

» Do you have other related sites?
I am the online editor for an entertainment and lifestyle publication for young adults/college students. So, considering it is “entertainment” I guess you could say it is related in a small way, but they are two completely different entities.

» How did you first get interested in Daniel Radcliffe?
I first noticed Dan, like most people, after I saw him in Harry Potter. He reminded me a lot of my brother back then, but not so much anymore.

» Is it true that fans blame Daniel Radcliffe for delaying the release of the newest Potter film to do Broadway?
I am sure there are those that do. Most do not. The entire spectacle was a media ploy to grab reader attention, and I think most people understand that. Dan has nothing to do with WB’s business decisions. That’s all on them.

» What has been the response of J.K.Rowling to Radcliffe in Equus?
She thought he was brilliant, so I’ve heard.

» What was the fan reaction before London’s first performance…and how did fans react to the show?
There were mixed reactions. Most of Dan’s fans were excited and quite supportive, but some people were ‘shocked’ or ‘worried’ he was making a bad career choice. Of course, they were wrong. I think his choice to do Equus was bold and right-on. You have to admire someone that has the courage to take on such an in-depth character, being that it was his first major lead role on stage, and give him credit for having the yarbles to do it justice by agreeing to be nude on stage. There are many veteran actors that wouldn’t even do that.

» What has been the reaction of fans to the fact that Daniel Radcliffe, as Alan Strang in Equus, appears nude on-stage?
Much like the overall reaction to the play itself. Excitement (mostly), shock and worry by just a small few — mainly those who are not ready to admit he is no longer a child anymore.

» Are most fans aware of the violence and adult themes of the play?
Yes. I think we have made that clear on the site through reviews, news and synopses of the production.

» What is the best part about having a site for Daniel Radcliffe?
Providing a safe, interactive environment for fans is both a challenge and a privilege. I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends, learning the trade, improving my web and graphic design skills, and of course interacting with Dan on occasion.

» What do fans think he’ll do after the Potter series is over?
Most people assume he will continue on with more movie roles. I suspect he will take on any role whether movie, TV or play if it captures his attention and peaks his curiosity.

» Do you find fans are able to separate Daniel Radcliffe the actor from Harry Potter the character?
I think the older fans are more capable than some of the really young ones in making that distinction. On the whole, fans are slowly, but surely, migrating to a more “Dan” fan role, rather than a Harry Potter-only association.

» What are the most unusual things you’ve heard about fans enthusiasm for Daniel Radcliffe?
Hah! The list is very long and distinguished … Well, lets see … what can I talk about … There are some fans that have Daniel Radcliffe wallpaper — literally every inch of their walls are covered in Dan from scans, photos and other things printed off the Internet. There are others that traveled thousands of miles just to see him in Equus, spending a good chunk of change to do so. Others will wait hours, rain or shine, at a premiere or public appearance just to get a glimpse of him. I could go on, but really, they do what all enthusiastic fans do. I don’t think I’d call it ‘unusual’ enthusiasm, but definitely hard-core.

The great thing about the majority of Dan’s fans is they have solid hearts. They are, on the whole, very supportive and giving. They always come together when we do a fund-raiser for Demelza House, reaching into their pockets (even with the falling economics in the US) to help out this wonderful charity that Dan backs. Many people have made long-lasting friendships through him, just because of their shared “love” for him. It is very strange and wonderful at the same time.

» What is Wizard Rock that Daniel Radcliffe was asked about?
Wizard Rock — bands that form to rock out Harry Potter-esque tunes and lyrics. To be honest … I really don’t listen to them so I only know what I have heard about them.

» What are 3 things that fans in general seem to appreciate most about Daniel Radcliffe?
His intellect, charm and sense of humor. And I would have to concur — he really is that awesome.

» Have you seen the production of Equus?
Yes. I saw it the first preview night in London via stage seats, which are definitely a unique perspective.

» Do you plan to see it on Broadway?
I hope to see the Broadway version early January before the run is over. I’d like to see how he has molded the role and grown in character since the first night I saw him in it in 2007.

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