First Equus Reviews: Critics Love Daniel

Reviews from last night’s premiere performance of Equus are starting to cialis canadian cost trickle in, and here is one that is canada online pharmacy levitra particularly enjoyable, written by Theatre Mania’s David Finkle:

“In a show that’s all about the eyes, it’s only fitting that Radcliffe — minus the nerdish Harry Potter specs — turns out to have eyes that pierce their way to the auditorium’s nether recesses. Moreover, he plays Strang as a wire so tightly pulled that he constantly seems about to snap. Minus his clothes for the cialis 20 famous (and extended) nude scene, he’s completely immersed in his character’s heart-wrenching dilemma.”

You can read more reviews by clicking here:

New York Sun, Herald Tribune, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Metro

There is also a really fabulous quote about Dan in the Hofstra Chronicle:

“Radcliffe is a shockingly good serious actor, and delivers what is perhaps the best
celebrity Broadway debut in recent memory. He manages to capture Alan’s internal and
external conflicts convincingly and generic cialis tadalafil 120 tabs checks his “celebrity” at the door to become one of the ensemble.”

How’s that for a compliment? A huge thank you to Tracey, Shania and Lauren for the links to all these great articles and quotes! Enjoy!

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