Equus Review in Variety!

I expect Coralie has gone to bed, so I get to thank radcakesfan for the link to an exceptional review, in Variety

‘The play is an astute career move for the “Harry Potter” frontman as he confidently navigates the transition from child stardom to adult roles — and Radcliffe’s performance provides “Equus” with a raw emotional nerve center that renders secondary any concerns about its wonky and generic viagra samples over-explanatory psychology.’

And thick and fast they came at last, And more, and more, and more… AP updated (including a couple of curtain-call photographs, Courant.com and Newsday

‘Well, he’s the real thing. He may be Harry Potter to the rest of the world. But for almost three hours on Broadway last night, Daniel Radcliffe, 19, quietly transfigured himself from adorable boy wizard to horrifically unstable teen stable boy – and, in the viagra in bulgaria process, bravely established himself as a smart, intense, wildly serious stage talent.’

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