Equus Premiere or Lint Balls!

Thanks to the author of this Fox News article, I now know what I will be doing tomorrow evening:

Clear the decks for Thursday night. If you’re not at the premiere of “Equus” with “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe naked and www.franklinpud.com horsing around, you might as well stay home and make lint balls from the fda approved cialis dryer.

Since I won’t be seeing Equus until next month, I guess I’ll be making lint balls from the dryer then! Let’s make it a lint ball party… we can serve cyber lint balls with meat sauce and play volley lint ball on the cyber beach! And yes, I know: It doesn’t take much to amuse me! 

Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the ‘chuckle du jour’.

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Playbill on cialis on sale Equus

Many thanks to Tracey for sending in the link to yet another short Playbill article on Equus, this time with some nifty photos included.  Enjoy!