No Seats Available for Inside the Actors Studio with Daniel Radcliffe Taping

To follow up on the news item we’d previously posted about the taping of the show Inside the Actors Studio with Daniel Radcliffe, this is to let everyone know that there won’t be any tickets made available to the general public after all. Many thanks to Alice for forwarding the reply she received from the viagra online order theatre manager:

Due to the high number of tickets which have been reserved by Bravo and buy cheap cialis NBC, there are no available tickets to the Daniel Radcliffe interview. Any remaining seats will be filled by Pace students on a standby basis. For some of the tapings, we do have a public standby line, but that is by invitation only. 

We are sorry we don’t have better news for those who were hoping to attend, but at least we know the show is purchase daily cialis being tape so will be made available for all of us to enjoy eventually! 

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