A Letter to the New York Times


The editor of the New York Times received a rather interesting letter from a person who says she is not a particular fan of Dan, but simply had to express her admiration for the following photo by Ethan Hill: Master Portrait of international shipping order viagra Daniel

It has the profound, contemplative quality of a Rembrandt portrait, especially in the how to obtain viagra interplay of light and viagra from canadian pharmacy shadow on the face, the blending of the subject into the dark background, and the direct but enigmatic gaze of the subject. Thank you for enlivening the sometimes mundane and often depressing perusal of the daily news with what I can only call a work of art.

OK, maybe Ms. Costa is not a fan but she certainly knows how to appreciate a thing of viagra price usa beauty! I guess all those amazing photographs of Dan in Equus are ‘Radcliffying’ the world, one picture at a time! Wink 

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