Dan-demonium on Broadway!

There is a small article in the New York Daily News about the various celebrities currently starring in Broadway stage productions, so of course Dan is levitra cheapest one of the actors mentioned within; what caught my attention, however, is an expression used by the author of the article to describe the post-performance chaos at the stage door:  

As Daniel Radcliffe, the actor starring as the pharmacy discounts for levitra troubled young man, left the Broadhurst Theatre to sign autographs, frantic teenaged girls, some perched high on friends’ shoulders, squealed and viagra uk clicked cameras as they tried to capture the moment.

“It’s pandemonium”, said an onlooker in a crowd that had gathered to gaze from across the street.

No, not quite – it’s Dan-demonium.

Didn’t someone also use the expression ‘Radcliffed’ in a recent article? It seems than ‘Dan-isms’ are becoming quite fashionable!

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