Griffiths Predicts Radcliffe will Thrive During New York Acting Stint

There is an interesting article about Equus and Richard Griffiths in The Star-Ledger, in which the veteran stage actor speaks about his career, various health issues and working with Daniel Radcliffe:

Calling Radcliffe “modest to a fault and very serious about learning to be an actor,” the theater veteran observes it’s been “particularly exciting” to see his co-star take so well to the stage.

“Dan has forgotten more about camera technique than most actors will ever learn, but knew nothing about the theater,” says Griffiths, recalling when the 19-year-old actor experienced his first curtain call in London.

Acting in films, Dan never heard applause before,” Griffiths points out. “He was dazed by it. He had this blissful look on his face. I said to him, taste it, savor it, remember this. It will never be quite the same again.”

Griffiths predicts Radcliffe will thrive during his New York acting stint.

Many thanks to Sabine for the link!

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