*Updated* New Photos from Equus

AM New York has some new photos from Equus on Broadway posted up in its photo gallery, probably taken during one of the many dress rehearsals for the play (if you recall, some photos from the West End dress rehearsal of Equus surfaced on i recommend the buy now cialis web last year as well), and you can see them here. We keep hoping for HQ versions of all the new Equus and order levitra online canada Harry Potter photos we’ve been posting here in the last few weeks, so maybe if we all wish hard enough…

Anyway, since small is better than none at all, here is my favourite photo from the new batch: breathtakingly beautiful and artistic, it is one of the visuals from the play that struck me the most when I saw Equus in London.   

Many thanks to Nicky for the tip!

*Update* Many thanks to Danilo for sending in a better version of a photo of viagra headaches Dan and Lorenzo Pisoni (The Young Horseman & Nugget) we’d posted earlier; you can see it here, courtesy of Oclumencia.

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