Dan is a Serious Stage Talent, According to Richard Griffiths

There is a thrilling new article¬†about the training of the dancers who play the horses in Equus on newsday.com’s website and, along with the promise of an even more spectacular sequence at the cheap viagra sales in england end of the play, there is a great quote from Richard Griffiths about Daniel Radcliffe:

“As in London, Radcliffe will be packing in audiences pitched to see Harry Potter in a full-frontal nude scene. From all accounts, they will also see a serious stage talent. After the opening, co-star Richard Griffiths – the Tony Award-winning professor in “The History Boys” and Harry’s Uncle Vernon Dursley – said Radcliffe has “an old head on http://perion.com/best-way-to-use-levitra his young shoulders. He has to be regarded in a new way because he is a proper actor.”

Many thanks to Star and cheap cialis super active Jeannine from GRA for the tip! 

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